Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Ellicott City's flash flood of 2016

On Saturday night, July 30, over SIX inches of rain fell in TWO hours (most was during one hour) the resulting river of water was funneled between the hills encasing the historic town and onto Main Street forcing cars into buildings and down into the raging Patapsco River.  The surge of the river reached the bottom of the glass street lamps on the bridge! Note the mud.  Reports say the Patapsco River crested at 14 feet, and surged to over 27 feet. 36 hours later the jumble of cars, debris and mud have been removed from the bridge, but branches and debris shoved against the railing.

The Tiber River, generally a stream flowing under the buildings on the south side, tore out the soil supporting the buildings and the sidewalk.  Many of the century or two stone buildings stood firm as water entered and cleared out the first floors and even up into the second story.

Normal level of the Patapsco River in March -
Another date has to be added to the flood sign (more HERE)

The George Ellicott home, built in 1789, has survived many floods, but eventually it was moved uphill from it's original site by the flour mill.  This time it appeared high and dry.  The last big one was different -
This and other photos of the move and restoration of the George Ellicott house HERE
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Forgotten history of Ellicott City & Howard County MD

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