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Patapsco Hotel as railroad station

Interestingly, this hotel had a side balcony at track level and used as the passenger station for the new train.  Then the train crossed Main Street/turnpike on the Oliver Viaduct to get to the freight station.  The train service began on May 24, 1830, arriving at 9AM, 1 and 6PM for 75 cents. Its many owners have used the building as hotel, apartments and even an ice plant.

The first image from the 1834 lottery print depicts the extended balcony, further detailed in an 1855 print. The lottery sale transferred the hotel from Andrew McLaughlin to T.G. Brown.  During the Civil War it owned by unionist McGowan, and by 1878 owned by T. Wilson who sold it to the Hunt family in 1905.  The stone building was gutted in an attempt to make an ice plant, which weakened the structure, thus causing it to be rebuilt by Pennington using the granite blocks, windows and doors from the original.  Other owners included a Thomas and a Stewart.  

A sketch from an 1855 book shows the X Hotel (front and side view), next to V Oliver Viaduct (the railroad bridge over main street) which led to the RR  B&O station and the built up T  railroad tracks (left).  B Turnpike covered bridge over (lower right).

Although the present structure was built c1930, it is made of the granite blocks from the previous building.
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