Monday, May 22, 2017

Videos of working 18th century mills

Union Mills just north of Westminster, Md. was built in 1797 on Oliver Evans plans, which incorporated details from the Ellicotts mill workings.  Evans had visited Ellicotts mills several times, and a brother of the founders wrote a lengthy section with sketches in Evan's book.  The Shriver family owned and operated the mill for almost 200 years until the 1950s.  George Washington also had a Oliver Evans style mill at Mount Vernon, which has been reconstructed and working.   

The history of the mill and home "Homestead" at Union Mills is detailed on their website HERE  

Milling flour at the Union Mills Maryland using 200 year-old quartz millstones: HERE

George Washington's Gristmill: The Oliver Evans System : HERE

In addition to a video, there is a Virtual Tour of each floor of the gristmill where you can click to see closeup or moving image of the equipment. HERE

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Forgotten history of Ellicott City & Howard County MD

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