Monday, March 27, 2017

Ann Tonge and Tonge Row

Tonge or Tongue Row was built in the 1840s, with one duplex completed each year by a widow, Ann Tonge.  The three lovely stone buildings have appeared in movies, such as the TV film Les Miserables in 2000.

Ann Tonge (c1792-1863) built the three buildings as rental units for mill workers in Ellicott City.  Born in England, she married James Tonge who died c1840 and she signed a release of mortgage deed on Feb 26, 1844 as "Administratrix of James Tonge deceased."

In the 1860 census she lived alone next to James Gowan's Railroad Hotel and was worth $6,000 in real estate and $100 personal.  A Feb. 10, 1863 probate listed Margaret E. and William Hughes with Thomas Jenkins putting up a bond for $2,000.

The three duplexes of "Tonge Row" are two stories on the road, and a walk-out bottom floor in the back.  Each duplex side has an upper and lower door and a central chimney.

Photo and minimal information at MHIP   HO-309, HO-310, HO-311
Photocopy  of signature from the Howard County Historical Society
Located at 3736-3742, 3744-3748, and 3752-3744 Old Columbia Road.

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Forgotten history of Ellicott City & Howard County MD

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