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Lilly (Tyson) Manly Elliott turned the Patapsco Female Institute into a 60 room home, then hotel

Lily or Lilly Tyson (1852-1924) was a descendant of two prominent Quaker milling and merchant families – the Tysons of Jericho Mills north of Baltimore and the Ellicott founders of Ellicott City. Martha Ellicott Tyson, her grandmother, helped found Swathmore College, wrote a biography of  
Benjamin Banneker and was the daughter of George Ellicott. Lilly bought the old hilltop girls school in 1891.

In 1879 she married Gaston Manly from North Carolina and had two children Elizabeth Brooke (Manly) Baldwin (1881-1918) - named for wife of George Ellicott, her gr-grandmother; and Martha Tyson (Manly) Jordan Parker McKim named for Lilly's grandmother.  

In 1905 she married A. Marshall Elliott (1844-1910), from NC who was a noted professor at Johns Hopkins, and turned the home into a hotel. His name was Elliott, not Ellicott.

When the large Patapsco Female Institute closed as a girl’s school, she bought the 60 room building for $8500 in 1891, with a loan from her father James E. Tyson (eldest child of Martha and Nathan Tyson) who lived in Baltimore. Named after Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, the private home became the Berg Alnwyck Hotel from 1905-1917; in 1905 she married Elliott.  It was a 150 bed Maryland Women’s War Relief Hospital during WWI. 

Lilly died in 1924 and her surviving daughter Martha Parker (who had married 9 years earlier in the mansion) eventually sold “Warwick” as it was called in the mid1930s, and it became a summer theater.

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Forgotten history of Ellicott City & Howard County MD

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